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Why you deserve recovery...

So, you ask yourself... Why do I deserve recovery?
And I tell you... the biggest reason, is also the simplest... because YOU are YOU!!! There is only one of you in this whole entire world! And there will only be one of you to come for the rest of eternity! No one will EVER posess the same blend of personality traits, likes, dislikes, flaws, strengths, imperfections, assets and wonderful qualities that you have.

So I call you... to choose life! Embody all that you are... the good and bad... because without all of your positive and negative qualities... you wouldn't be whole... You deserve more out of life than an eating disorder... You deserve all of the love and happiness that this world has to offer! Each and everyone of you posess a uniqueness, a willingness, an inner strength- you just need to learn to tap into it!!

Looking for happiness in the next purge session, the next pound lost, or the next binge IS NOT going to bring us happiness!!! When we try to look for external things to satisfy our yearning for SOMETHING MORE... for happiness... we will always come up short!!!

The answer??

It lies WITHIN!!! The gateway through which we can find happiness has been inside of us all along... it is learning to love ourselves and accept ourselves for all that we are and all that we have the potential for becoming!!

We have the power to choose our own destiny! You are all so beautiful and unique... and just by being born onto this plant... being a HUMAN you are gifted with an abundance of gifts and rights... including happiness, life and an inner peace!!!

Remember, you each have a VOICE, an IDENTITY and an inner STRENGTH and spirit, just waiting to be unvieled!!!

I hope that this site strengthens your recovery and draws you to examine inwardly all that you are, all that you have been through and all that you will become...

Choose life... Because you are worth it!!!

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